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Make-Sense is a state-of-the-art accessibility solutions suite based on unique algorithms that make the software easy to use and deploy, and which meet international standard WCAG 2.0 AA. The solutions suite involves implementing a single line of code on a website or in a document, requiring zero programming or changes to be made to the hosting site or document.


Why to make all your digital content accessible?

Did you know that approximately 285 million people are visually impaired and that another 360 million individuals have disabling hearing loss (that’s nearly 10% of the world population)?  Did you know that the US, the UK, Canada, Sweden, and many more countries require government IT contractors to make public websites (and mobile apps) equally accessible to all of their citizens, including those with disabilities?

We do.  We also know that businesses and organizations the world over are actively seeking to improve the accessibility of their web-assets, but are slow to adopt existing solution for their high cost and their complex installation and maintenance requirements.  Enter Make-Sense.  We have developed an elegant accessibility solution that is easy to use and deploy and which meets international standards, allowing our clients, with a few simple steps, to make their sites available to all people, regardless of their personal limitations.


Accessibility Virtual Cloud Platform (AVCP)

Web-accessibility is the discipline of making websites usable by people with disabilities, or who cannot easily use a certain website in its regular form.  Web-accessibility has garnered much attention, leading the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to compile a widely adopted set of standards, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.  It makes sense therefore, that Make-Sense’s flagship product, Accessibility Virtual Cloud Platform or AVCP, focuses on web-accessibility and meeting these standards.

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Accessibility Document Cloud Platform (ADCP)

Make-Sense Accessibility Document Cloud Platform (ADCP), is a globally unique solution that extends the Make-Sense accessibility model to documents.  Once ADCP is installed on your website (a very simple procedure), whenever a user clicks to download a document, they will be offered an option to open it in an accessible format.

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Accessibility Monitoring Cloud Platform (AMCP)

Our web-accessibility solution, AVCP, adapts websites on the fly to meet commonly accepted international accessibility standards.  With the Accessibility Monitoring Cloud Platform (AMCP), we use the same engine that drives AVCP to oversee your site, but instead of making real-time changes, AMCP generates reports that identify accessibility issues with your website, and suggest solutions.

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Make-Sense Self-Service Accessibility (ASST)

Our goal is to provide ubiquitous access to our solutions in order to help as many disabled people as we can.  Consequently, it wasn’t enough for us, the makers of Make-Sense, to give only businesses the means to make their websites accessible, so we created Self-Service Accessibility for end users.

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